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Rotary cutting rulers to make cutting easy and simple.
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Omniigrip 5" x 25" Ruler
Our Price: £16.00
From the Omnigrip series of ruler. For use with Rotary Cutters and Straight Edge blades. Non Slip 5" x 25" Ruler.
Ideal for cutting 5" Charm Squares % Dessert Rolls, 21/2 Jelly Rolls, 4" square
Omnigird 6"x6"  square All purpose basic ruler . Use to cut squares and trim blocks. Includes 30-45-60 angles Omnigird 6.5"x6.5" square All purpose basic ruler . Use to cut squares and trim blocks.Diagonal Angle Line. 3" Corner Grid for Miniatures Includes 30-45-60 angles
Fiesta  Cutting mat 24x36inch
Dress makers curve small
Our Price: £4.00
Fiesta Cutting mat 23x35inch in Green
UK address only
Our Price: £29.00
Small orange  plastic ruler. For altering and drawing curves on patterns and drawing patterns. Fiesta Cutting mats  23x35inch i These cutting mats are self healing and designed to be used with rotary cutters. Printed with Imperial grid on one side and metric on the reverse. They are made from three layer of PVC for strength and Stability.
As with all cutting mats they should be stored flat.
Brand new from Houston Quilt Market. Explore the world of Rotary cut applique with Hearts and More templates. small size These templates allow you to make a variety of heart, flower, circle, oval, teardrop and leaf shape. Template size is 4" and 7" There are full instruction and I am sure that these templates will become very useful to you, they are designed by Sue Pelland who also regularly does You tube video with new techniques for the templates. You can also watch the Hearts and more video at www.suepellanddesigns.com
Wash & Gone per metre
Our Price: £2.98
Mitre Ruler
Our Price: £5.00
The TrueCut My Comfort Cutter ergonomic rotary cutter has a unique handle design that aligns your wrist naturally, placing all cutting power directly over the blade and eliminating stress in the wrist and arm. The My Comfort Cutter uses the TrueCut track and guide system, which works with all TrueCut rulers to keep all of your cuts straight every time. This guide is also removable so the cutter can be used normally with any ruler without the benefit of the track and guide system. With the My Comfort Cutter, you can customize your rotary cutter's handle with your own designs, photos or fabric!

Comfort Curve Grip
Works with the TrueCut ruler guide
Can be fitted with any brand of rotary cutter blade
Customizable handle inserts
Left or right-handed
Easy to use safety guard
Removable cutter guide for normal use with any ruler (without track guide feature)
This lightweight stabilizer is terrific for machine embroidery, applique, cut work and monogramming. It stabilizes the fabric during stitching. The excess can be easily and completely washed away in all water temperatures, Pellon 541 Miter Ruler for cutting in tight a spot great for use with piping; corners; edges; etc. including 120; 60 and 90 degrees. The ruler is made of tough see through plastic with 1/8" scale along the edges overall size is approximately 2" by 4"
omnigrid 6 x 24 Super Sidekick Template Ruler Add a quarter 6" ruler
Add a quarter 6" ruler
Our Price: £10.00

Omnigird 6"x24"  square All purpose basic ruler . Use to cut squares and trim blocks cut lengths. Includes 30-45-60 angles. With a black and green design for easy viewing. Designed by Jaybird Quilts. This template cuts 3shapes in  sizes  60degree triangles Diamonds and  Half Triangles. Used with many of Jaybird quilt patterns. Good videos available at www.jaybirdquilts.com. The six inch add a quarter ruler, idea for foundation piecing as it has a lip to catch on the paper easy to use.